Los Angeles Hair Restoration Doctor For the Best FUE Results

Today’s advances in hair transplants enable hair loss sufferers to reverse thinning and baldness and recover their youthful coverage with more exceedingly natural looking outcomes, compared to prior generations of procedures.  Prospective Los Angeles hair restoration patients now have amazing resources to achieve their absolute best looking version of themselves. 

An increasingly popular form hair transplantation is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which is compelling for patients because it leaves no linear scars. However, actually attaining the best possible results requires an important first step, research, and learning. Anyone who is interested in undergoing hair restoration needs to understand:

1.  how specific techniques can meet their objectives

2.  how to choose the right surgeon for their goals

This site was developed by  Dr. Sanusi Umar, a leading Los Angeles hair restoration surgeon, after years of experience studying the cases of real patients who had achieved poor outcomes as well as those who were able to attain the hair results of their dreams. 

Los Angeles Hair Restoration For the Head, Eyebrows, and Eyelashes

A successful hair transplant procedure largely depends on harvesting the right quantity and quality of grafts. But more so, the right techniques need to performed through right expertise to make the best outcomes possible. 

Dr. Sanusi Umar is a well known Los Angeles Follicular Unit Extraction hair restoration specialist. Additionally, he has also developed a reputation across the globe for his advanced techniques and results in FUE. Dr. Umar is the inventor of the groundbreaking, patented Dr.UGraft technology which is engineered to remove all types of hair from the head and body. The capability to perform body hair transplant surgery allows him to solve a much wider range of patient challenges, such as mild to moderate hair loss cases to restore areas such as:

  • Hairlines
  • Temples
  • Crowns

For more challenging to impossible hair loss cases, Dr. Umar is able to expand a patient’s donor pool to target objectives for

  • Severe baldness
  • Hair transplant repair
  • Young patients
  • African American patients

Los Angeles hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Umar performing live surgery to demonstrate the use of his Advanced FUE technology to his colleague physicians at an ISHRS regional workshop
Los Angeles hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Umar performing live surgery to demonstrate the use of his Advanced FUE technology to his colleague physicians at an ISHRS regional workshop

Additionally, Dr. Umar also applies FUE techniques to help patients throughout Los Angeles achieve their vision for longer eyelashes and fuller eyebrows.

In typical eyelash transplants and eyebrow restoration, thick-haired grafts are taken from the scalp. However, Dr. Umar specializes in extracting hair from areas which grow finer, thinner hair such as the nape, legs, and forearms. These types of hairs render more natural looking results because they are similar to the actual eyebrow and eyelash hairs.

With Dr. Umar’s help, Los Angeles hair restoration patients are able to achieve the fullness and coverage they want without anyone being able to tell they’ve had surgery. Dr. Umar has mastered the art and science of hair transplantation through his experience, skill, technological advances and his talent for re-creating a patient’s natural hair growth patterns.  

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FAQ – Los Angeles Hair Restoration

How much time do I have to take off for a hair restoration surgery?

A hair transplant procedure will not result in any type of physical or bodily impairment in terms of a patient’s ability to walk, stand or perform basic functions of everyday life. Two weeks is the typically recommended time frame for cosmetic recovery to take place, allowing the skin to heal and for scabbing to fall away.

How do I avoid botched hair transplant outcomes?

Many people find it difficult to believe that bad hair transplant outcomes are more common than they might think. The stress of losing hair often prompts them to act impulsively and forego the important step of learning and research to find the right doctor. Due to the heavy demand for hair transplant surgery, many service providers are emerging who may not necessarily be able to offer the expertise needed to attain the best long-term outcome. They may try to lure patients on the basis of low-cost. But with these procedures, cost cutting can lead to important elements being omitted for safe and successful results. Avoiding botched hair transplant outcomes will require carefully researching different options when selecting a surgeon to focus on reviewing actual results of patients they’ve treated.

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