Dr. Umar created Losangeles-hair-restoration.com is a leading resource destination site for hair loss sufferers in Southern California who are considering hair transplant surgery.

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A hair restoration procedure should be a positive step in a patient’s life.  However, attaining the best results will depend on investing quality time learning about the procedure, how different techniques are used to achieve desired goals and what to look for when selecting the right doctor.

The demand in the greater Los Angeles area for hair restoration surgery has soared, particularly in recent years. As such, a large number service providers have emerged on the market. Yet, not all of them are qualified to provide the best patient outcomes or care. Choosing the wrong practitioner enhances the risk for issues such as non-growth, a depleted donor, visible scarring, flawed hairlines and poorly placed/ angled grafts.

This site has been created to provide top quality information for prospective Los Angeles hair restoration patients who are interested in finding the best resources and practitioners for their surgical journey.

About Dr. Umar

Dr. Sanui Umar is a top Los Angeles hair restoration doctor
Dr. Sanui Umar is a top Los Angeles hair restoration doctor

Dr. Sanusi Umar is an American Board Certified Dermatologist and a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant specialist who has also developed specialized technology to safely remove body hair. He is has taken FUE further through his invention of the intelligent ™ punch which can safely harvest all types of hair from the scalp and body regions, along with other patented technologies for other types of challenges like extracting Afro-textured hair. Additionally, Dr. Umar is the first to have conceived the concepts of the hybrid punch, the universal Afro-textured hair punch, and ultrasonic FUE technology.

His work has been published in top, peer-reviewed medical journals and gained attention from well-known U.S. media outlets.

Dr. Umar’s impressive patient results have allowed him to earn a strong reputation as a leading Los Angeles hair restoration surgeon. In 2005, he opened his private hair transplant practice, now known as Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic which serves patients from all across the greater Los Angeles area, who represent many levels of hair restoration and repair challenges, including donor depletion, severe (Norwood 6-7) baldness, patients of African descent, eyebrow restoration and eyelash transplant surgery.

In Los Angeles, Dr. Umar also serves as the Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at Habor UCLA Medical Center and an associate faculty member at UCLA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am trying to find the best Los Angeles hair restoration service provider, what should I be looking for?

First, the right surgeon will need to have the right credentials. This would include a medical degree as well as board certification in dermatology or plastic surgery. At first,  it might seem confusing to fully understand the tools and techniques they offer and whether or not they are right for you. The best way to make this determination is by carefully looking through their patient case studies which should ideally include side by side comparison photos, narrative content which describes the initial condition of their hair loss, how their objectives were achieved and details about the final results. Videos can not only provide images and necessary information, but also feedback from the patient in their own words.

Does Dr. Umar treat hair restoration patients from other areas besides Los Angeles?

Although many of Dr. Umar’s patients live in the greater Los Angeles area, he is actually known worldwide for his impressive results. A large number of his patients travel from other areas of California, the United States as well as from other countries. Because hair restoration results will last a lifetime and individuals want to experience the best results in terms of reliable growth, naturalness and overall aesthetics, traveling to receive treatment from the right doctor are regarded as a sound investment.

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