Los Angeles facial hair restoration patient before and after her procedure for eyebrow restoration

Full, well-shaped eyebrows are seen on many models, actors, and actresses. They add a distinct, striking visual element to the face. As such, this inspires many men and women to achieve a similar look. However, if a person is not simply able to grow out their brow hair, eyebrow transplant procedures are available as a feasible approach.

Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgery For Eyebrow Transplant Cases

Men and women in Los Angeles who struggle with sparse brows may want to consider eyebrow transplant procedures.

With the help of these surgeries, it is possible to transfer a patient’s own hair follicles into the brow region to improve the overall density and shape.

Dr. Umar who offers eyebrow transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction uses his own special methodology which allows male and female patients to benefit from fuller eyebrows with a softer, true to life definition.

How Conventional Eyebrow Transplantation Works

Traditional eyebrow transplant surgery can be performed using the strip method or Follicular Unit Extraction using regular head hair follicles. The surgeon carefully creates slits in the brow area where the grafts are inserted.

Using the strip surgery approach, a scalpel is used to remove a narrow sliver of skin from the patient’s scalp as a source of follicles. This will leave a permanent linear scar.

The other method is to use Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE, where tiny punches extract the hair follicle grafts instead of a scalpel, leaving no linear scar.

More Natural Looking Eyebrow Transplant Results for Los Angeles Eyebrow Restoration Patients

Los Angeles eyebrow transplant patient before and after her procedure for eyebrow restoration
Los Angeles eyebrow transplant patient before and after her procedure for eyebrow restoration *

Real eyebrow hair is much finer and thinner in caliber compared to head hair. On many faces, the use of thicker hair can result in a very harsh, brow-heavy appearance.

To achieve the right level of fullness as though you were actually born with this quality, it makes sense to select the right hair match.

According to Dr. Umar, nape hair and leg hair are more realistic choices for the eyebrows compared to hair from the scalp.

However, these hairs grow at very sharp angles compared to head hair. And this can make it difficult to safely extract grafts using regular Follicular Unit Extraction punches without damaging the follicles.

Dr. Umar has invented his own patented technology to reliably remove all types of hair regardless of their growth angle.

Using this approach, patients can attain the fuller eyebrows they envisioned with a natural looking subtle quality, like this woman from Los Angeles. 

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Frequently Asked Questions – Los Angeles Hair Restoration and Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

If I choose to use nape hair in my brows, will they grow to their normal length? Therefore, will I have to trim them?

Transplanted hair follicles will continue to retain their same characteristics (e.g. color, texture and length) in their new region. Therefore, if grafts from the nape are to be used, then you can expect the hair to grow to their usual length. Regular trimming is then needed to keep the hair at the same length as real eyebrow hair.

Is it better to use nape or leg hair for my eyebrows?

If you are able to grow leg hair that is comparable to the thickness of eyebrow hair, Dr. Umar recommends the use of these grafts. Leg hair will stay much shorter. Therefore, regular trimming is less of a necessity. However, in the absence of the right leg hair grafts, then nape hair would be a secondary choice.

Can I tint or dye my transplanted eyebrow hairs?

Once your growth, following surgery has manifested and your skin has healed sufficiently, then you may inquire with your doctor about the right timing for using dyes or tints to achieve a different color shade for your new brows.

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