Longer eyelashes add grace, beauty, and elegance to the eyes. Many women attempt to achieve this look through the use of false lash strips,  eyelash extensions or the application of topical prescription medications. On a regular basis, such routines can become time-consuming and cumbersome. These approaches could never compare to having one’s own natural set of long eyelash growth. Fortunately, Dr. Umar’s eyelash transplant procedures can enable this to become an amazing reality for patients.

Choosing the Best Los Angeles Hair Restoration Doctor For Beautiful, Long Eyelashes

Los Angeles eyelash transplantation patient before and after her procedure with leg hair
Los Angeles eyelash transplantation patient before and after her procedure with leg hair *

Although surgical techniques are now available to help patients attain longer lashes, it’s important to become aware of the type of eyelash transplant results that can be achieved.

Conventional service providers are equipped with the tools, techniques and knowledge to harvest hair follicles from the head.

However, this type of hair tends to be much thicker than real lashes which is likely to create an artificial look in the end. Furthermore, head hair will continue to grow to extremely long lengths. Although they can be trimmed, thick head hair is more difficult to maintain a curl with the use of eyelash curlers or perms.

The goal of any type of cosmetic procedure is to obtain outcomes that look as natural as possible, as though they resulted from your own lucky genes.

Dr. Umar, a renowned Los Angeles hair restoration surgeon has designed his very own patented  Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction technology for removing all types of hair from any part of the body. This means that patients who choose eyelash transplant surgery are not restricted to using head hair alone. With Dr. Umar’s help, they can choose leg hair, nape hair or any other thin caliber hair from various regions.

Selecting thinner hair which more closely matches real eyelash hair allows patients to have a much easier time in maintaining a natural-looking curl, a necessary grooming practice following an eyelash transplant procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Eyelash Transplant

Which hair should you choose for your eyelash transplant procedure with Dr. Umar?

Different patients will differ in the types of hair they will have available for an eyelash transplant procedure. If leg hair is available which is comparable in thickness and length to real lashes, then this would be considered a top priority. On the other hand, other types of hair may be considered, like nape hair. Nape hair offers an ideal thickness that is similar to real eyelashes. However, patients need to be aware that it will continue to grow, making regular and frequent trimming a necessity.

Are Dr. Umar’s eyelash transplant results permanent?

Yes! The wonderful thing about undergoing an eyelash transplant procedure with Dr. Umar is that the transplanted hair will continue to grow for life. Patients are able to quit their eyelash extension salon visits, the use of false eyelash strips and the daily application of topical drugs on the lash line. Your outcome following your eyelash transplant is the next best thing to having been born with the genes for long lashes.

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