Celebrity Television Actor Before and After His Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure With Dr. Umar

Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair transplant extraction method that uses tiny punches to harvest naturally occurring groupings of hair follicles referred to as follicular units. With this approach, patients do not have to worry about hiding a resulting linear scar.

Dr. Umar is a Los Angeles hair restoration doctor who has earned a local and worldwide reputation as a top specialist in Follicular Unit Extraction. As the inventor of patented FUE technologies, known as Dr.UGraft ™, he has developed groundbreaking new devices that are exquisitely engineered to overcome many types of challenges in Follicular Unit Extraction, ranging from basic cases to more challenging presentations. These include:

  • Hairline and temple recession
  • Crown hair loss
  • Afro-textured hair
  • Hair loss in Asian patients
  • Traction Alopecia in men and women
  • Severe baldness
  • Hair loss in women

The Best Follicular Unit Extraction Results For Los Angeles Hair Restoration Patients

Celebrity Television Actor Before and After His Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure With Dr. Umar
Celebrity television actor before and after his Follicular Unit Extraction procedure with Dr. Umar*

Dr. Umar’s revolutionary FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) hair transplant technology makes it possible to safely remove hair follicles from the head or body. Special features prevent common sources of damage to the grafts. This makes it possible for a much greater number of extracted follicles to survive long term. Therefore, Los Angeles hair restoration patients can expect reliable growth by 12-18 months after their procedure.

Dr. Umar combines the technical aspects of hair surgery with high-level artistry to recreate true to life hair growth patterns.

Besides achieving the best possible coverage, patients are able to walk away with incredibly natural-looking results.  They often remark that their family and friends have a hard time believing they had any type of surgery done.

Unshaved (Follicular Unit Extraction) FUE

Patients who wish to resume their normal day to day activities by not shaving their head for surgery can opt for an Unshaved FUE (U-FUE) procedure. Their normal hair length can be maintained during the time of surgery.

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FAQ – Follicular Unit Extraction 

How do I know if I need head or body hair for my Follicular Unit Extraction procedure?

If you are severely bald (i.e. Norwood 6-7) or need repair procedures despite a depleted head donor area, body hair grafts can help provide the necessary quantity of follicles needed to achieve successful coverage. However, to qualify for such procedures, your body hair will need to have the appropriate thickness.

Dr. Umar has also designed his own diagnostic tool known as the Shave Test. During the earlier phases of hair loss, he is able to look for specific hair growth distribution patterns to know if you will reach a Norwood 7 stage and therefore require the use of body hair.

If I am in my early 20s, can I still undergo a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant?

Los Angeles hair restoration patients don’t necessarily have to follow stringent age restrictions in order to benefit from surgery. For some individuals, it is true that a procedure performed during one’s 20s can be negatively affected by continued hair loss and a depleted donor supply.  But there are also other cases where it is possible to undergo successful hair restoration surgery without facing these types of consequences. Dr. Umar is able to reliably determine if hair transplantation can be recommended to a younger patient. If he determines that a greater number of grafts will be needed in the future, he has the means and the tools to utilize grafts extracted from the body

Can I qualify for a Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant procedure if I am a woman?

Regardless of whether or not you are a man or woman, you will need to have a sufficient quantity of head donor hair to address your areas of concern. These follicles must be able to survive long-term in the recipient area. Therefore, females who are suffering from global thinning will most likely not qualify. But in the case of women trying to reverse hair loss from traction alopecia (i.e. due to tight hairstyles) will usually still have abundant donor hair on their scalp to undergo a successful FUE hair transplant.

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